A Look Back At
The Round Hill Highland Games

Round Hill Highland Games is a charitable organization that depends upon your support to hold highland games competition and promote Scottish heritage.
The Round Hill Highland Games takes its name from the original location of the Games in Greenwich CT, at the estate of Charles A. Moore on Round Hill Road. Mr. Moore allowed his many Scottish-born workers to hold a family Fourth of July picnic on the vast grounds of his estate.

From this beginning in 1923, the event grew in popularity, becoming a gathering of Scots in the local area and beyond. Many would travel by train and arrive at the station welcomed by the sound of bagpipes and drums. Accompanied by the bands, the clans marched up Greenwich Avenue from the train station to the Moore Estate. Today, clans, athletes, bands, pipers, drummers, drum majors and dancers come from all over the country to participate - Scots and Scots-at-heart!

The location of the Games has changed since the Moore Estate was sold to developers. For many years, the event was held at the Calhoun Estate in Stamford CT before coming to Cranbury Park in Norwalk. We have enjoyed the hospitality of the City of Norwalk for over 20 years. Cranbury Park is a beautiful setting on 177 acres of the Gallagher Estate. The mansion, open fields and shaded groves at Cranbury Park provide an ideal setting for the day’s activities.

The Games are open to the public, and are held rain or shine. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. The dedication of our many volunteers allows us to preserve this special piece of Scottish heritage, and in doing so allows us to award scholarships to graduating Norwalk high school seniors and students attending piping schools.

Round Hill Highland Games
Cranbury Park
Kensett Ave & Grumman Ave (off Route 7)
Norwalk, Connecticut

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